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It's like phone apps for your desktop; compact, light-weight, unbelievably fast. Don't miss a second. Keep any compact Flotato app on top of other windows. Keep an eye on important stuff, right in the dock.

Apple Makes iMovie, GarageBand, and iWork Apps for Mac and iOS Free for All Users

The icon jumps when the area changes. Flotato's Webkit browser is native macOS. Not Electron. The app files are nimble, too. Flotato for Trello takes up 14x less disk space on your hard drive compared to Trello's own app. Got something you keep going back to? Make it the first thing you see. Flotato remembers your sessions, but never touches your passwords, or anything else you type in. Cookies are stored securely in the same safe as Safari uses. Create your own apps based on almost any web page. Flotato lets you put Google Calendar right in the app dock on your Mac.

Sleek and compact, you can browse your stream, and even post new photos to Instagram from your Mac. Google Calendar for Desktop. Instagram for Desktop. Twitter for Mac.

Flotato for developers. Simple, compact and light-weight Twitter app for Mac. Flotato blocks more than 30, known trackers that would otherwise be eating your personal interests for breakfast. You need to see all the pixels, except when you don't. Use the chat icon in the corner, or email us on help at flotato dot com. The easiest way is to open the Flotato app you downloaded and use the catalog. But here's another way:. Here's a video that shows what that looks like:.

Mozilla Firefox

Flotato remembers which page you saw last, so all you have to do is to navigate to the page you want to start on. You can change the default page in Preferences. Another option is to go to Navigate , then Go If this doesn't work for you, we'd love to hear from you on help flotato. Simply go to App , then Get Desktop Version. Some sites tend to stick to the mobile version using cookies.

Here's a way to get around that:. Even after choosing "Get Desktop Version," some uses may be stuck on mobile. To fix this, click the hamburger menu, then scroll all the way to the bottom, and choose Desktop, then scroll the the bottom of the next screen and choose Standard. Here's a video. Quit the app, and open it again. In short, Launchpad doesn't play well with duplicated apps, which is how Flotato works. Some users are able to add their apps to the Launchpad, using the technique in this this video , but Flotato doesn't officially support Launchpad at this time. We'd love to chat to someone who knows how it works.

Right click on any Flotato app, choose Duplicate, right click again, choose Rename, then enter your subdomain, e.


You can do this today. Simply create your Flotato app, zip it up, and send it to your users. Got any special wishes for Flotato for distributing your own app? Get in touch at developers at flotato dot com. This example uses Trello, which, like most modern web apps have an Electron-based app for Mac. The fact that it uses more memory and takes up more disk space doesn't make it a bad app, and in some cases, Electron apps are more customized than they are in Flotato, so the comparison isn't completely apples to apples.

Browsers like Safari and Chrome are built to take on more jobs than just running a single app. That means they likely get more powerful the more open apps and web pages you run. But if you run only one app and compare to that same app in Flotato, the difference is easy to spot. Welcome to Flotato. Furthermore, you can share projects very easily uploading it onto iWork. However, if all you need is an office suite for your own use, I'd go for iWork every time. Pages text editor , Keynote presentations and Numbers spreadsheets can still be downloaded as separate apps.

Fantastic programs! Much more versatile, easy to use, and stable than MS Office. The programs have good in tegration and very equal user interfaces.

Microsoft Publisher for Mac [Free Alternative for Mac Users]

They have excellent handling of graphics, tables, and animated objects. The formatting functions of text in Pages are extremely easy to use. WIth Numbers you can create calculations with stunning graphics so it looks more like a nice presentation. Keynote is an awesome presentation program.

All features in iWork are superior to MS Office. If you rates iWork low, you have not exerted yourself to learn the iWork programs. Pros: Layout features. Text-formatting in Pages. Cons: In Pages: creating of index is missing More. If the download doesn't start automatically, click here. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. And, yes, I have submitted these feedback requests multiple times!

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I was having problems with Word, as it kept crashing, slowing my mac down, and was just not working for me, so I decided to give Pages another try. I do have to say it seems a bit less practical than Word for certain things, but for other, I have found myself being more practical. Same goes for Styles.

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Would be nice to see this super practical app of the past resurface. I have hung on to Pages 09 for two reasons, both of which are still better than the current pages. First, it allows higlighting multiple portions of text or numbers at a time and then editing them all at once for example, if I want to make all the numerical references in a body of text superscript, I can simply highlight all of the numbers and with one click, edit them all at the same time.