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See the Related Information section below for contact details. Issue: Threat Prevention, running in Kextless mode, does not function correctly when upgrading from macOS Issue: The user interface of the following products is not listed in the console when installing with ENSM Issue: When a product deployment fails, two client events with ID are generated for the system. Issue: An attempt to load com.

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Issue: Editing a repository name on the Update preferences Repository List tab of the local client user interface adds a duplicate entry with the new name. Issue: Quarantined files that have unicode characters in their name do not display on the Quarantine screen. Upgrade the bit managed products to their bit variants.

ENSM Issue: ENSM When you upgrade to ENSM Issue: Users see emails stuck in their outbox or slowness when they send emails using Apple Mail. This issue does not occur when On-Access Scan is turned off. See the related article for more information. Pre-packaged with the latest engine that provides enhanced detection capabilities.

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After a product is released, information about the product is entered into the McAfee online Knowledge Center. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Note We do not support the automatic upgrade of a pre-release software version. To upgrade to a production release of the software, you must first uninstall any pre-release versions.

New features This release of the product includes these new features. On-Access Scan — Scans files and directories for threats whenever users access them.

On-Demand Scan — Schedules a scan on files and directories at specific times. Exclusion of files and directories from scanning — Excludes specific files and directories from on-access scanning and on-demand scanning using criteria such as file type, extension, file age, or wildcards. Option to scan network volumes, compressed files, and Apple emails — Exclude or include mounted network volumes, compressed files, and Apple emails from scanning.

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  • Option to retain client-side exclusions — Overwrites or retains the client exclusion list for on-access scanning in a managed environment. Regular mode — Executes the associated action defined in the rule, when the network packet adheres to a rule's condition.

    McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB System Requirements

    Adaptive mode — Executes the associated action defined in the rule, when the network packet adheres to a rule's condition. Defined networks — Define networks including subnets, ranges, or a single IP address that can be used while creating firewall rules.

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    Location awareness — Create separate rules for locations, such as office or home network. Management of rules — Create and manage rules using rule group.

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    Safety ratings button — Displays the safety rating in the upper-left corner of the browser when you access the site. The software supports only Safari 7. Search Annotation — Displays the safety rating icon next to each site listed by the search engine. Web category blocking — Configure access to sites based on their content type.

    Block phishing pages — Block access to phishing sites. Self Protection — Protects the security software files and folders from malware and from being changed or deleted.

    McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection Suite Installation (ETP) Advanced Installer

    Password protection for client interface — Configure different access levels for users as needed.