Mac gmail default email client

The changes will automatically be saved and Gmail will now be the default email program.

Microsoft Edge uses the Windows email default setting. While there is no direct way to choose Gmail as the default email client in Windows or in Microsoft Edge, one workaround is to first set up Gmail as the default email program in Google Chrome and then select Chrome as the default for all emails. In Windows 10, type default into the Windows search box and choose Default App Settings in the list of results. Select Google Chrome as the email client and close the window.

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Share Pin Email. A former freelance contributor who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Updated August 31, Instructions in this article apply to Gmail on Windows 10, Windows 8. Open a Chrome browser window. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Advanced. Click this icon and a dropdown menu of 11 different browser settings will appear.

How to Make Gmail The Default Email App

Select the "Preferences" icon from this dropdown menu, and you'll see a full page of settings filed under a "General" tab to the lefthand side. Staying on the General settings page, scroll down until you see the "Applications" section. Under the "Applications" settings of Firefox, you might see a list of previously used applications depending on how you've used Firefox.

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Look for the "mailto" application in the lefthand column if you don't see it listed, search for it in the "Applications" search bar above the list. In the righthand column of the applications list, click on the "mailto" row and select "Use Gmail. No need to save your settings -- Firefox does this automatically. Note: You also might see the option to "Use Chrome" if you also have the Chrome browser downloaded on your computer. If you see both Chrome and Gmail as default options, stick with Gmail. If not, verify that you're signed into Gmail and load these settings again. If all you see is the option to use Chrome, select this as your default email client.

There's actually no native setting in Internet Explorer to set Gmail as your default email client. To do so using this browser, you'll first download the Google Toolbar, available here. Once the Google Toolbar is installed on your Internet Explorer browser, find and click the wrench icon on the upper-righthand corner of your browser. Depending on the version of Internet Explorer you have installed, the icon will look something like this:.

The wrench icon will open up your Toolbar Options, starting with General settings according to the tab on the lefthand side, as shown below.

How Do I Change My Default Mail Client In OS X?

Scroll down to the section called "Web-browsing tools" and check the box labeled "Use Gmail for "Mail To" links. Save your new Toolbar Options using the button to the bottom-right of the options window, and you're all set. Similar to Internet Explorer, you'll need a third-party plugin to make Gmail your default email client in Safari.

To do so, download Google's Mailto Extension, available here. Once Google's Mailto Extension has been downloaded to Safari, find it using the downward-facing arrow on the top-right of your browser, next to your address bar.

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Because this extension was downloaded from the internet, your Mac computer might ask you to trust this application, as shown below. Click "Trust" and the extension will start installing to your browser. If after selecting "Trust" from Apple's file warning, the Mailto extension doesn't begin downloading, it might simply need your cue to do so. Below is another possible window that might appear after selecting your downloaded file from the "Downloads" list.

Select "Install.

Change your default web browser

Below is the simple list of options your new Mailto Extension will display to you in Safari. Check "Gmail" from this list and Safari will automatically save your new settings. Whichever browser you work in most often, gone are the days of closing unwanted applications to send a simple email through a hyperlink. You can now enjoy the ease of opening mailto links in Gmail, automatically.

Want to recreate the Gmail experience on your Mac desktop? You can do it quickly by installing the right email app. You can click on the menu bar icon to toggle the app window, which lays out Gmail exactly as it appears online. The second button allows you to switch between the default Desktop mode and the Mobile mode. The latter displays your emails with a more compact layout.

Stick the app window to a corner of the screen for quick access. Plus, Go for Gmail supports multiple Gmail accounts.

If you want a simpler menu bar app to check Gmail, try Mia for Gmail. It lets you manage your emails from a plain, list-like layout. Download: Go for Gmail Free. This full-fledged app packs Gmail and a handful of other Google apps into a single interface. Of course, the default layout displays your Gmail inbox.

Make Gmail Your Default Email Client In Chrome, Safari, and Firefox [OS X Tips]

You can jump to Google Drive, Docs, Contacts, and Calendar, or create new entries in these apps via the left sidebar. Each app will open in a separate window.

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The lite version of Keep is available as usual in the side panel on the right. Look for the Kiwi for Gmail option under Share in the context menu. Want to schedule emails in Gmail?