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The 8 Best Note Taking Apps for Mac in 12222

From business professionals and technical users, to students and artists, Agenda is for anyone wanting well organized and easily navigable notes that help drive your projects forward. While other apps focus specifically on the past, present, or future, Agenda is the only note taking app that tracks them all at once, giving you the complete picture. Take notes for what is currently on your agenda, while you prepare another for an upcoming meeting.

Use older notes as breadcrumbs to remind yourself why you took the actions you did. You can attach dates to individual notes, and even link them to events in your calendar. Notes that are On the Agenda are given special status. You can search for them more easily, and they appear in a special group in the sidebar, so you can find them in a flash. The notes in Agenda are beautifully styled, and include powerful features like tags, links, and lists.

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Agenda is a styled-text editor, combining the ease of plain text entry, with the visually stunning results of rich text. Styles include headings, lists, indented blocks, and pre-formatted text. You focus on the meaning of your notes, and leave Agenda to handle the appearance. It results in documents that look fantastic, are consistent, and can be readily converted to formats like Markdown and HTML.

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Agenda notes also work great to track tasks. There are different list styles — including checklists — and mixing in more extensive content is a no brainer, rather than an afterthought. Due to its clean and crisp minimalistic design, Agenda allows you to focus on your notes, making them feel as if printed on paper.

For the next list item, press Return once. To finish the list, press Return twice. You can increase or decrease the indentation level by pressing Tab and Shift-Tab , accordingly.

SCOM0648 - Tip – Stickies on the Mac

Changing the formatting for a list is not available via menus. Instead, Control-Click anywhere in the list and choose List from the popup contextual menu.

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You'll find lots of formatting options there. Take a look at the File menu in Stickies. Notice that you can import text to create a sticky note. You can also export text from a note to create a text file. Incidentally, this last one is not to be confused with RTFM read the friggin' manual. You can add graphics to a sticky note by dragging a picture or graphic file into the sticky note. You can change the color of a sticky note to help differentiate between several notes — a feature I definitely use.

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Then again, I am a color geek who loves feedback-via-color. I even use the color labels for files and folder available in Finder. But I digress. To change the color of a sticky note, first select the note, then choose a color from the Color menu.

When working with an open note, you can shove it around your desktop by click-and-dragging on the note's title bar. You can collapse the note by double-clicking on its title bar. You can resize it by dragging either the top-right corner of the note, or by any of the edges.

The Window menu has a Zoom command that maximizes the note to fit the screen. Select it again to revert to the original size. Also under the Window menu, take a look at all the nifty ways you have to quickly arrange all your open notes into a neat stack of collapsed note title bars. Finally, you can create a default sticky note template.

The 8 Best Note Taking Apps for Mac in 12222

Bear is perfect for everything from quick notes to in-depth essays. A focus mode helps you concentrate, and advanced markup options are an online writer's best friend. Full in-line image support brings your writing to life. Packed with beautiful themes and typography , and more options on the way, Bear makes your writing look great before and after publishing.

Bear's simple tools take the effort out of writing, whether you need to hit specific word counts and reading times , or you need to convert your writing into PDF and Word docs. With Bear's custom markup shortcuts, you can add style and links with just a tap or keystroke. Bear Pro offer advanced features, including sync between all your devices, over a dozen beautiful themes, and more powerful export options.

All this, and future Pro features, can be unlocked with a single in-app subscription that covers all your devices.

3 Easy Ways to Create a Sticky Note on a Mac's Dashboard

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