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Q&A: How to defrag Mac hard drive? (El Capitan & Sierra)

If you're sharing these disks with Windows machines, any reason you can't defrag when connected to those platforms? While I'm not sure if the reason is solely due to how to handle ACLs file permissions , it is worth pointing out that NTFS write capability isn't enabled by default. NTFS should be "SneakerNet" with the implication that it probably spends a significant amount of its time on a Windows machine anyway. Probably 3 is the strongest point here, but at least this list is worth some thought? I completely understand all of your points and I must certainly agree with you.

Ran Franco Ran Franco 6 2 2 bronze badges. The Overflow Newsletter 3 — The 75 lines of code that changed history. Featured on Meta. Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes. Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ. Different external hard drive brands provide different storage capacity. Sometimes when you connect your external hard drive to your system, and try accessing a file, it might take long time to open it.

Why some PCs need to be defragged

This can happen when data on the external hard drive gets fragmented. Fragmentation occurs over time as you save, delete or change file on the external hard disk.

Does Defragmentation for Mac Work?

The files are saved on segments in a non-contiguous manner on the external hard disk. Changes made further are saved to other segments on the external hard drive.

As time goes by, accessing files from external disk becomes a time consuming process as it has to look at many different places to open a file. Thus it becomes necessary to defrag external hard drive. Defragging should also be done when data transfer rate is very slow. Remo Drive Defrag is the best software to perform defragmentation of the external hard drive. Remo Drive Defrag improves the speed accessing files on external hard drive. You will be able to open, load programs and transfer files etc.

Should I Defrag My External Drive, and If So, How? - Ask Leo!

The potential benefit of defragmenting an external drive is exactly the same as for an internal - if file fragmentation is sufficient to affect performance and noticeably increase file access time, defragmenting will improve matters. Most external drives would probably not see any worthwhile improvement, I don't recall ever having defragged a removable drive. Thanks for the info.

Would checking external hard drive's for errors help prolong lifespan? I only do this with my internal hard drive. I can't see any clear way error checking would influence the actual lifespan of a drive. End of life for a drive is usually governed by some failure mechanism which can be electronic, mechanical or logical data content.

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Error checking confirms the data integrity, so is passive. There could be a slight possibility that if the drive's final life is defined by data errors, finding those errors early and mapping out failing sectors could slow any progress, but I feel that's a pretty long bow to draw. Posted 21 May - PM. I never defrag any drives. I would suggest periodically running diagnostic software on the drive. FWIW nothing will prevent a drive from going bad. It is only a question of when, not if it will go bad. For important data I use a NAS drive over the network with mirrored drives at a minimum.

One of the things I believe prolongs drive life is only hooking them up when needed or if they are external removing the power until they are needed.

macOS High Sierra Disk Utility: A Video Walkthrough

That is why I also turn off the desktops when not in use. There are moving parts in them such as Hard drives, cooling fans and all have a finite lifetime. How Does a computer get Infected? Just wanted to point on that on Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers the system drive is automatically defragged which is set in the Task Scheduler. The whole purpose of disk defragmenting is to increase disk performance, not life. There can be a possible increase in disk longevity because the device can work less to achieve the same results after defragmenting, but that is a side effect.

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Posted 23 May - PM. These things are not meant to be of benefit at all to a hard drive That's why the options are available for each partition on a hard drive. BC Forum Rules. Malware Forum. Posting Instructions, Malware Forum. Sorry for not replying sooner. This HD is still working and I've been able to backup my important files. I also think that there are a lot of bad sectors on this drive because although I had a hard time deleting and transferring files from certain folders, other files were transferred without a problem.