Cisco command line mac address

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Cisco IOS Commands

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Show Proxy Arp Cisco

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How to Trace a MAC Address (on Cisco)

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  8. Blogs Networking News Networking Blogs. Content for Community-Ad. To view the detail of specific interface you can use the following command. Output of this command provides several details about interface including its status, encapsulation, interface type, MTU, last input and output packet etc.

    First line of output shows the status of interface. First up indicates the status of physical layer. Second up refers the data link layer status. This command provides a quick overview of all interfaces on the router including their IP addresses and status.

    Access to Cisco IOS CLI

    This command is used to check the hardware statistic of interface including clock rate and cable status such as cable is attached or not. If cable is attached, it will display the type of cable. This command will display the content of flash memory, used space and available space. By default router stores IOS image file in flash. This command will display information about software version of running IOS. It also provides information about configuration setting. It shows current configuration register setting that is used to reset the password of router.

    Table of Contents

    Router keeps all running configuration in RAM. This command will display the configuration currently running in RAM. Show command supports several other parameters to display command specific information.

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