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I agree to my information being processed by TechTarget and its Partners to contact me via phone, email, or other means regarding information relevant to my professional interests. I may unsubscribe at any time. Reply Processing your reply Sort by: Oldest Newest Sorting replies We use a simple batch file to record IP addresses at login. We do this to avoid pushing out large updates to users who may be dialing in or across the WAN. I didn't write the script, I got the IP part of it from a guy in a Novell class a few years ago and have tweaked it to suit our needs. There are two versions of the script, one for Win9x users, one for NT or better.

The change required is noted in the script. The login script calls the correct one based on the platform variable. The whole thing runs in just a few seconds, as it does all the file writing and processing on the local workstation. There is an ODBC driver offered by Novell for eDirectory that can be used to get all kinds of details from workstation objects.

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I use this driver constantly to report the existing objects that are in the tree. Go to www. Put it in your login script and it will gather all the info you requested and much more for any Windows operating system and put it in a txt, xls, mdb file or out to an SQL server. You can have all your networked PC's logging their info to one log file. It's customizable to record any registry key or file existence, etc, and will put the info on the user's desktop over their wallpaper, replace their wallpaper or keep in their system tray. We have been using it for about two years.

Why use ZENworks? Here is a sample query entered at a console window and redirected to a text file. Try NDSExporter which will export to a text file with one record per line.

Results are more quickly achieved than by creating and distributing a ZEN Application and waiting for the log files to be updated. I've never seen anything above 8. Attached is the application export in AXT form. The file is comma-separated, so you can easily import it into a database such as Access or MySql. If you have any questions, comments or if this script doesn't respond to all of your needs you can contact me at damien. Feedback: I don't understand how to set up the suggestion by Thore Andersson.

Could someone provide more details on how to set this up? Where is this information entered? Is it in the "Reporting" window where you enter a log file path? NEW Thore has graciously provided a detailed explanation of how to implement his suggestion. Check out this article. The following line will isolate the IP address and put it into an environment variable. I found it while cruising the web and modified it only slightly.

The problem is, however that the environment variable setting is lost as soon as the DOS window closes. It is all one line and works in Windows If anyone knows how to get the batch file to set the environment variable so that it keeps the value assigned even after the DOS window closes, I would really appreciate hearing about it.

I'd like to respond to Shawn! If you want to have a permanent environment variable in the system, use the utility Setx. Just add the next line below:.

Shawn wrote: " This command-line tool offers a batch method for setting environmental variables in the user or system environment and requires no programming or scripting. In addition to taking an environmental variable and its associated value from the command line, it can also get the values of registrykeys and write them to text files. SetX provides the only command-line or programmatic way to directly set system environment values for Microsoft Windows System environment variables are manually configureable through Control Panels or through a registry editor Regedit or Regedt The SET command, which is internal to the command interpreter Cmd.

Check out this Freeware tool: BgInfo. You can find it here. File Database: Specifies a. MDB or. Use this to collect a history of one or more systems on your network. It is recommended you use at least MDAC 2. If specifying an XLS file the file must already exist. AutoIT version 3. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more or if you have questions.

A free, fully functional, time-limited download of WinBatch is available for evaluation purposes. The NetwareX extender help file contains discussions of two particularly useful functions and associated example code that one can quickly try out, nwGetObjInfo object type, etc.

Sysinternals has a solution for this. They have a free tool called Bginfo. It is also possible to configure this tool to dump the information in a database and keep the user's background untouched. Performance improvement. ReloadConfig Shortcut msi.

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Check CRLF. Linux distro not functioning. Generating a new release. Adapting code. Securing Output user files. NetFramework 2. Add Unix Bash in Desktop. CONF in 3 conf files. Folder simplification: removing EC. Working with arrays. Add "source. CONF by bash builtin type. Modified inputrc. Javascript needed.

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Adding support for Windows with cmd. Review preferred font: Verdana-Italic. Supporting this language.

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Creating a portable edition with also SQL clients. BASE functions deleted. Not published. After some initial research on the network, some programs were found like Conky , but these programs didn't meet the Author's expectations. But root-tail has some "bugs or ugly" behaviors and is not supported natively in Windows. Help Create Join Login. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. Shows desktop information on your screen Brought to you by: bginfo4x.

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